Monday, July 20, 2009

Love and Respect to the End

In an earlier post I talked excitedly about going to the Outside Lands Festival at the end of summer, but I failed to mention that the Beastie Boys would be headlining the third night because, honestly, I was only mildly excited about it. The Beasties have a bunch of singles I've really enjoyed over the years, especially "Sure Shot" and "So What'cha Want," and I even owned Ill Communication back when it came out, but they've never grabbed me the way they have so many others. Blame my bias against rap, if you like. However, I have always respected them as musicians, performers, and especially philanthropists, so this news today is particularly sad: Adam 'MCA' Yauch has announced that a cancerous tumor was found in his neck, and that all upcoming tour dates would be postponed and the release of their next album pushed back until further notice while he seeks treatment. The good news is that it's been discovered early, hasn't spread, is very treatable, and despite being in a salivary gland in his neck will not affect his vocal cords, so hopefully he'll be back out on the road with the band soon. Good luck, MCA, and here's to a speedy recovery; I'll definitely come out to see your comeback.

MCA's video announcement of his diagnosis:

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