Saturday, July 18, 2009

One More Time for the Last Time

I wrote below about the Nine Inch Nails farewell tour, assuming that in all likelihood I had seen one of my favorites for the final time. Well, I guess it's hard to keep a big, angry man down, as Trent Reznor has announced a final burst of shows in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. That link will take you to his explanation, but he basically says the NIN/JA tour wasn't satisfying enough as a finale because of restrictive set times and performances in daylight, which I have to agree with from my own experience in May. As if the return of NIN weren't big enough news, the quartet of LA venues he's chosen to play are of a size that he has long since outgrown: The Hollywood Palladium on 9/2; The Wiltern on 9/3; The Henry Fonda on 9/5; and The Echoplex on 9/6. All four went on sale yesterday at 5PM, and the Fonda and Echoplex shows are sold out, but the Wiltern and Palladium shows have only sold out the pre-sale tickets and will have their proper on-sales on 7/31. After some log-in problems and failing to get tickets to the Fonda or Wiltern, yours truly was able to purchase two tickets to the Palladium. Nine Inch Nails at the Hollywood Palladium! I'm giddy with excitement, though my ears are a little worried. The website has "1989-2009" at the bottom of the tour dates page, and his post makes it sound like he's really serious about hanging it up this time, so anyone who even likes this band a little bit should try to get tickets on the 31st and see an iconic performer while you still can.


Nicole said...

"I’d never want to be Gene Simmons, an old man who puts on makeup to entertain kids, like a clown going to work. In my paranoia, I fear that if I don’t stop this, it could become that." Cranky Reznor

Jen said...

I didn't get tickets. I've been shaking in my boots trying to figure out how I'm gonna see these guys one more time. Bah!